Yoreco (Business Reg #2287009) was established by John Kirkbride as a sole trader in 2010. After 36 years working in the Chemical Industry in senior positions that included Manufacturing, Process & Project Management, Health, Safety and Environmental, Technical Management, Business Management and Sales & Marketing, John was ready for a slightly different challenge.

In his latter work in the industry he had been involved with oxidation catalysts and this work had got him interested in the huge area of water and wastewater treatment and the emerging advanced oxidation technologies.

This in turn led to interest in other technologies for managing some of environmental problems that face industry, agriculture, local government and householders.

Based in Middleham in beautiful Wensleydale the Yoreco name is a derivation of Yore, the medieval name for the river Ure flowing through the dale, and Eco, as in Ecological and the relationship between organisms (including mankind) and the environment.

So Yoreco is a consulting organisation that works with carefully selected and established partners to provide products and solutions to solve environmental issues that will save our customers money.