Electrolysed Water:

Cleaning & Sanitising with Electrolysed Water

Electrolysed water can be used in many areas for cleaning and sanitising with no residue.  Electrolysed Water can replace the chemicals to wash and sanitise floors, work surfaces, equipment, clothing and can be used as a hand cleanser and sanitizer.

Food Processing & Restaurants: The benefits of Electrolysed Water to food processing are not limited to cleaning and sanitising the floors, walls, utensils and other equipment.  Chopped vegetables and leafy salads can be washed and rinsed with Electrolysed Water to reduce microbes well below acceptable levels without shortening the life of the product.

Laundries: Because electrolysed water cleans and sanitises it won’t need to be heated to as high a temperature as when using detergents.  This reduces the cost of heating as well cutting out the cost of the detergent needed.

Hotels: Hotels can reap the benefits of Electrolysed Water by using it as a cleaner and sanitizer in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries etc.

Neutral Electrolysed Water (NEW)

The properties of Neutral Electrolysed Water (NEW) have been understood for several decades, but there has been very little application, due to the fact that, until recently, NEW was produced using electrodes that were largely consumed in the process and effective for very short time periods